Seats and leathers

The leather seats are usually seven inches wide, but this is variable. The high quality leather is generously upholstered around foam for comfort and safety.

Don't rely too much on the colours shown here as it's not easy with a natural product such as hide to achieve an accurate representation on screen. There will be slight variations between batches.

As an alternative, the seats can be covered in your own fabric or suede. A metre-and-a-half of fabric would be required, depending on its pattern repeat and the size of the seats. Out may be that your fabric needs fire retardancy treating, in which case we can organise this. The price is around £60 for 1.5m.

We have an excellent upholstery grade suede supplier that offers a choice of colours. The price depends on the quantity required, but expect around £80-£90 on top. Whatever the seats are upholstered in, they can be trimmed with brass nails, antiqued nails or have none.

We can supply only new seats if yours are damaged or you fancy a change. Note that in 2022, my leather upholsterer retired so we’re now using different leathers with colours that may not match an existing fender.

Studs: The edge of the seats can be finished with studs in brass or antiqued, spaced an inch (usual) or touching. Or have no studs at all for a cleaner, more modern finish.

Brass studs spaced an inch

Antique studs spaced an inch

Wildart is the exciting new range of leathers from Wildman & Bugby, ideal for your fender seat's upholstery.

Browse their website to choose an untamed leather.