Brushed steel fender seats

The brushed steel fender seat has a matt, neutral, stainless steel finish: It sits happily around a traditional fireplace, often bringing out the grain in a marble hearth or mantle. 

It feels just as at home around more contemporary fireplaces too, and is popular for townhouses and flats.

Brushed steel is available in either the formed base or the slightly smaller standard base. It's lacquered so there's no need to polish.

The fender seat shown left has a formed base, with steel collars. The seat is suede.

The price of a brushed steel fender seat varies depending on which extras you have (eg, deep buttoned seats, twisted uprights) and the size, but expect a bottom line, including vat and delivery, of around £1395 for the formed base, or £1286 for the standard base.

Brushed steel uprights with oak base

As an alternative to the steel base, choose a shaped oak base, but keeping steel uprights. The oak can be stained to a light, medium or dark finish. The picture left, show a light oak base with brushed steel.

As with all the metals, an oak base is a popular alternative if you’re keen to minimise the metal on show.

These are the base shapes for the steel fenders: 

Left to right:

Oak base 8.5cm footprint x 6.5cm high

Formed base 8.5cm footprint x 6.5cm high

Standard base 7cm footprint x 5.5cm high

Click on the albums below to see examples of the brushed steel fenders, and those with wood bases, or browse the Gallery page for all the different metalwork..

Brushed steel, 11 photos

Brushed steel on oak base, six photos