Home visits


Choosing which options to have on your fender seat can be daunting - and that's before you've taken tape measure to hearth. So to ease the decision making process and relieve you of the responsibility of measuring, we'll come round and do it for you. 

This way, you get to see the options available, in situ. There will be plenty of seats made up in different leather colours - some deep buttoned, some plain. We'll take the measurements and give you the final price.


Our roving representative is Rob Elwes and as a general rule: he's in London and the south once a fortnight; the West Country about the same; Yorkshire once a month, the North West and North beyond Yorkshire (including Scotland) once every six weeks. Local customers (Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Leicestershire, South Lincolnshire) can make a plan even more quickly.

The visits are free and without obligation - although if you have a particularly large fireplace I do ask that you have a look at the prices page beforehand.


To put your name down for a visit, call Rob on 01553 776446. If he's unable to make a plan straight away, it won't be long before he's back to you with dates. If you can't manage a daytime visit, let him know and an evening should be possible.